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Our custom designed mattress system from Agriprom provides your cows with the greatest level of comfort. This custom three layer mat consists of: Latex foam, Memory Latex foam and Rubber foam, along with a pebble top rubber top. 

The top layer of foam consists of Latex foam (Green). 

The middle layer of foam is a Memory foam (Grey) which allows the mat to spread out pressure points that the cow might feels when she is lying down. 

The bottom layer is where the Rubber foam (Black) is laid down to slow the movement of moisture coming up from the floor. 

The layer of pebble top rubber that is used to provide a covering for the mat is able to hold fines from straw, sand or sawdust to reduce the amount of friction on the mat. 

For the construction of this custom layered mat system there is a plastic strip board placed as the back of the mats to prevent the pinching of the pebble top cover, as well as a treated 2" x 4" to fasten the pebble top cover and also allows for easy mat rearrangement. 

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