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"We milk 50 cows per robot. The nice thing is with the V300 that there’s so much capacity left over. There’s 30% idle time on one robot. So we can grow in the robot."   - Martijn Hulleman

The Hullemans of Lacombe, Alberta arrived at a crossroads when deciding on the future of their dairy. “We were looking into are we going to hire somebody or are we going to go invest in technology,” said owner Martijn Hulleman. He and his wife, Moniek, ultimately opted for dairy automation with the installation of two DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300 units in 2019. Hulleman Farms has also installed DeLaval Optiduo™ Robotic Feed Refresher. They keep their milking system running smoothly with DeLaval acid & alkaline detergents and DeLaval teat dips.

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