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C-Series Livestock Waterers


All 'C' Models

  • Heavy duty concrete tank(reinforced with rebar and fibermesh

  • Safe, quick and easy to lift and set

  • Epoxy painted trough and outside

  • All rounded edges

  • Notched top for controlled overflow

  • Brass or plastic water valves

  • Brass float stem (Stainless steel available)

  • Stainless steel hood to protect valves

  • Large stainless steel side access doors for easy hook-ups

  • Stainless steel water inlet coupler

  • Sloped trough bottom with rubber plug for fast and easy cleaning

  • Polyurethane insulation sprayed on under trough for efficient operation


Constant Flow Models

  • Brass needle valve installed in addition to float valve for overflow (PVC Available)

  • 5" Polypropylene floats

  • 3" Overflow coupler (2" Available)

  • Stainless steel support bracket for overflow pipe

  • Optional Ice preventing valves available for saving water


Electric Models

  • 5" Copper Floats

  • 500 or 1000 Watt heating element - 120 volt (240 volt optional)

  • Adjustable brass thermostat

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